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3D Character Animation - Where Virtual-Reality Come Into Life
3D Character Animation - Bringing motion and emotion to the art

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3D Characters Animation

3D Character Animation - Where Virtual-Reality Come Into Life

Playing games till late night is happening in each and every house around the world today. Not only children, but people of all age are interested in playing games as it gives them immense pleasure. How are those games created? There is a great hard work involved behind each and every video game that is used today. At SOIBrandz we have a separate team involved in developing these 3D games. Very few people even know that this industry is even bigger than Hollywood. Most of the characters that appear in the Video and the online games are 3D character animation. There was a time when 2D was used. But now it’s all changed and most of the games use 3D animated characters.


The Process of 3D Character Animation Development

  • The 3D animated characters are created by using computer graphics.
  • All the characters are created in a 3 dimensional picture format.
  • After the pictures are designed it is displayed in a sequential order to create an illusion.
  • This illusion is created by displaying the images continuously which are slightly different from each other.
  • The difference would only be at a rate of 25 to 30 frames per second.
  • In 3D all the images are fed to the computer and all the frames are rigged to get the final correct image.
  • The computer animation could be done by animation software.
  • All the 3D model frames are combined and programmed to get a single output image.
  • The models comprise of vertices, faces, or edges in a 3D coordinate system. The various objects are carved to the desired shape.
  • And finally in a process called rigging they are all put into a proper form for working.

They are the graphics that are 3 dimensional representations of geometrical data which are stored in the computer for doing calculations. They are then stored for later usage.

In 3D animation, modeling is a process where mathematical representation is developed for any 3 dimensional objects. These models could be created using algorithms, hands or it could be scanned. They are used in almost all the 3D graphics these days. They are widely spread in various fields today.

Fields Were 3D Animation Is Used Are:

  • The 3D character animation is used in real life motion picture, characters in movies and as animated objects.
  • It is also used to demonstrate the buildings and landscapes proposed. The understanding becomes easy when they are 3D animated.
  • It is vastly used in the Engineering sector for various designs. The 3D computers rely on the algorithms such as vector graphics in the wire frame model.

The 3D character animation achieves many effects such as lighting, thundering easily when compared to the 2D.

In future, the open challenge in the 3D character animation could be the human animation. Presently most of the animation videos show us the characters of animals, fantasy characters. But human body is a complex design. Rendering human motion, simulating various human activities is still a challenge and remains a problem. But, eventually the aim is to create a human character similar to the real one. Perfect human animation is not going to happen soon but when it happens it would be a major competitor to the film industry.

So if you are looking out for 3D Character Animation artists then search ends here as we at SOIBrandz have the best of the 3D animation artists who will take all your project requirements into consideration and will come up with the best you ever expected.

Thus We provides a comprehensive solution for 3D Character Animation.


3D Character Animation - Bringing Motion and Emotion to the Art

Looking 3d Game, 3d Animation, 3D Character Design, 3D Modeling Development Company for your online business success?
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