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Conceptualization your idea with 3D Character Modeling

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3D Character Modeling

Conceptualization your idea with 3D Character Modeling

Everyone now is interested in playing video games. There is no house literally in the world which does not own a gaming console. But have you ever wondered how are these games created and what are the technologies behind it. How are the characters in the games being developed? Most of the games in the market now are using 3D characters and models.

3D design is created using the 3D models available. The 3D character models enhance the quality of the website or the games that are being designed. 3D modeling is mathematical representation of the three dimensional object done with the help of a special software. This process is also called as 3D modelling. This model could be either created manually or automatically.


By using the 3D printing devices, the 3D model would be created physically. Manual process could be the one similar to sculpting. There are various entities like lines, triangles etc in a 3D space. The collection of these points is called as 3D objects. These models are used widely in the field of 3D graphics. The 3D models could be a solution for many fields like design studios, real estate agencies, architectural companies, interior/exterior design services, furniture stores, engineering companies, magazines and design blogs.

These are various products available in the market which make us feel impressed by the way it is designed and used in various fields. The models are available in downloadable format. This could also be purchased online and directly download from the company’s website. The file can be edited as per the need of the customer and used again. In other words the model could be customized further and used for the need of the buyer.

Some Of The 3D Models Available With SOIBrandz Are:

  • Aircraft
  • Animals
  • Characters
  • Electronics
  • Home/Office
  • Industrial
  • Plant
  • Sports
  • Vehicles
  • Watercraft
  • Weapons/Armor

The files are available in various formats like .lwo, .3ds, .xsi, .ma, obj. At SOIBrandz we develop these 3D models for our clients as per their requirements. We make use of various 3D modeling software that are available in the market. Some of them are

  • Maya – This software is the most popular one available which is at present used in the television and film industry. Maya uses MEL as its programming language and now it has developed itself into an application platform. It can be used in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
  • 3ds Max was called originally as 3D Studio MAX. It is an versatile and reliable application used video games, film and television industry. It is used in Windows. It could be customized and extended through scripting which used Maxscript or its SDK.
  • Form-Z . This is a general purpose 3D modeller. It is primarily used for the purpose of modeling which also features photo realistic rendering and support for object animation. This software is used in interior design, product design, architecture and illustration. It also has import and export option featured in it. It is available in Windows and Mac currently.
  • MASSIVE is a 3D animation system used in the film and television field where it develops visual effects that are related to crowd. It is available in various platforms like Unix, Linux and Windows. This software was the target for many big budget movies after the release and success of The Lord of the Rings. This was used originally for controlling the battles in the movie.

We  believe in rendering the best of the service to our clients. We have experienced designers who can come up with the best of the 3D character models beyond your expectation. Choose us and you are sure to benefit.

If you would like to get any more information on 3D character models or you are interested in entrusting 3D character models development project to SOIBrandz.


3D Modeling Development Company – To make your business Simple

Looking 3d Game, 3d Animation, 3D Character Design, 3D Modeling Development Company for your online business success?
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