School Management Systems - Feature

Master Setting:

Under this tab you can perform various setting related to this software. It includes following sub menus:

  • General Setting
  • Master Entry
  • Manage User
  • Manage Accounts
  • Manage Class & Sections
  • Manage User
  • Manage Exam
  • Manage Subject
  • Manage SC Area
  • Manage SC Indicator
  • Set Fee
  • Salary Head
  • Salary Structure
  • School Material
  • Manage Location
  • Header & Footer
  • Permission


This shows the menu on the left, academic calendar on the the right and some graphical charts on the middle. It is the homepage with responsive . You can get the graphical chart report for a particular period of time. You just set the number of days the report to be shown in the right hand side of the text box & system will fetch all the details for that period for you.


You can add/update/delete enquiry details in this module. Few master entry to be complete before proceeding to this module like Enquiry Type, Reference & Response we get from the enquiry.

Call/Other Call

This module is used to generate leads for admission. Any call made from the school can be saved in this module. Few details which are required to enter are name of the person you are calling, date of call, call duration & response collected from the person.


It is used to enter the complaint from parents, students. The rich text field enables you to enter the complaint detail and action taken againts the complaint. You can update/delete the complaint as per your requirement.


Its a kind of form entered once when a students enrolled in your school. Various details are requierd like name,father name,mother name,address,class,session,father's occupation etc for every students. Students once registered becomes available for admission and promotion.


To complete the admission process, you have to navigate to admission tab. You have to select the enrolled students who is not admitted yet, set the fee structure for the students and then complete the admission process. Student once admitted will be available for other modules like library, fee payment, transport etc.

Promotion class student

After an academic year, multiple students can be promoted to next class at a single click. You just have to select the class of which students to be promoted, next class to be promoted and the next session.


This module is used to enter the fee detail of a student. Since you can set different fee structure for different students, fee payment varies from students to students. You have to select the student then the fee structure of that student is shown in the table. Now you can choose which fee head you want to pay and also you can generate receipt for the same. Every receipt has a unique receipt number which will be used to uniquely identify the receipt.

Staff Attendance

Teaching & non-teaching staff detail can be managed in this module. Various details of a staff like name,mobile,address,date of birth,date of joining,email,their salary structure,salary payment can be managed in this module. Every staff gets a staff id which is used to uniquely identify that staff. Staff once enrolled becomes active. If he/she quits you can update its status to sleep mode. You can also filter/print the detail of any staff as per your requirement.


You can save staff as well as students attendance in this module. The interface is designed in such a way that you can save attendance of multiple staff and students in just a click. You dont have to select staff/student one by one. Various colors in the attendance report show the different attendance of the student/staff

Academic marks

Subject marks entry can be done for various exam in this module. You can schedule various types of exam for different classes and save marks for every students. Marks can be saved for a complete class with one click. This saves a lot of time to enter the marks detail of that student.
You can also set the maximum marks, the subject being offered for exam, exam type, activity type etc detail in this module.

Report Card

Report card module saves much of your time. Once you enter students scholastic & co-scholastic marks detail, you can generate the student report cards. The marks detail can be used to analyze the performance of the students.

Income Report

Shows all the income collected at your account department. Every income can have different income heads based on its nature. You can update/delete the income if required.


Every school has lots of expense. To enter all the expense detail, use this module. You can categorized your expenses in different heads. Also different accounts can be used to manage the expense. Payment can be made same time or it can be post paid in nature. Every payment, expenses are reversible in nature. You can delete any expense/payment.


It can be used to manage the vehicle reading, vehicle fuel, vehicle documents. You can also create route for your students and get all the report printed.


This is used to issue/return the books available in the school library. It can store the details of unlimited number of books. Every book has a unique identifier. You can issue a book to enrolled students or staff. You can also track the record of the books issued/returned.


Used to track the records of stock available in your school. Every stock purchase, stock transfer can be managed in this module. Printable reports are available for stock module.

Language Setting

Now you can use School Management in you own language. You can add any language you want. Go to language tab.

To add new language:

  • Go to language page, enter language name in language box and save.